Integrity Commission

United Against Corruption

Our Mission

The Mission of the Commission is to:

To achieve a corrupt-free society by preventing, detecting, investigating and prosecuting acts of corruption through high performance culture and efficient systems.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Integrity Commission is:

Realizing and sustaining a corrupt-free Jamaica.


Core Values

Professionalism: The Integrity Commission is results-oriented. We take ownership of obligations, we keep knowledge and skills current and relevant and we exercise good judgement with results-focussed initiatives when the situation demands it.

Integrity: The Integrity Commission is trustworthy, honest and open with internal customers. Our staff members are sincerely receptive to the public. We are impartial and non-partisan.

Fairness: The Integrity Commission employs actions, systems and processes that are morally right and honourable. We are committed to equity, equality, decency and courtesy.

Accountability: The Integrity Commission assumes full responsibility for its actions, resources entrusted to us and we are committed to functioning with transparency in the interest of our country, customers and staff.

Transparency: The Integrity Commission is proactive in reporting on our performance and informing stakeholders of policies, processes and decisions.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Establish a culture of results-based performance, strong work ethics and values.
  2. Pursue a programme of effective communication with stakeholders to educate, inform and solicit feedback regarding the commission’s work and challenges to promote cultural change.
  3. Enhance the Commission’s effectiveness in responding to complaints, notifications and reports by enhancing technical proficiency of the staff and modernising ICT infrastructure to boost operational efficiency.
  4. Prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute acts of corruption efficiently and effectively.

Our Commissioners

team member

The Hon. Mr. Justice (Ret’d) Seymour Panton, OJ, CD

team member

Mrs. Pamela Monroe Ellis, FCCA, CA

team member

The Hon. Justice (Ret’d) Lloyd Hibbert, CD

team member

Mr. Eric Crawford, CD

team member

H. Wayne Powell O.D., J.P.