Quarterly Contract Awards(QCA) Searchable Database

Quarterly Contract Awards (QCA) Searchable Database


This Spreadsheet Database lists the particulars of all contracts awarded by Public Bodies since May 1, 2006, which have been reported to the INTEGRITY COMMISSION (IC) by way of Quarterly Contract Award (QCA) Reports.

Effective July 1, 2012, Public Bodies are required to report all contracts within a value range of J$500,001.00  to infinity.  

The value of contracts to be reported on QCA Reports by Public Bodies have been adjusted over the years.  As such, it is worthwhile to note the following contract values which were to be reported prior to July 1, 2012:

-        June 20, 2012 to June 30, 2012                                 J$500,001.00 to J$15,000,000.00

-        October 1, 2008 to June 19, 2012                             J$275,001.00 to J$10,000,000.00

-        May 1, 2006 to September 30, 2008                         J$250,000.00 to J$4,000,000.00

The Spreadsheet Database is Downloadable and Searchable and offers the functionality to Sort and Filter the listed contracts.  The Database also provides basic statistical information in relation to the records.

In keeping with the Government of Jamaica’s Public Sector Procurement Procedures, recommendations for the award of Government contracts in excess of the maximum values as outlined above, are submitted to the National Contract Commission (NCC) for its endorsement.  Effective May 14, 2012, all contract award recommendations which value in excess of J$15,000,000.00, are to be endorsed by the NCC. 

The particulars of contracts endorsed by the NCC over the respective periods, may be found on this website, by clicking on the ‘NCC Endorsed Contracts’ link, which falls under the ‘National Contracts Commission’ Tab. 

Structure of the Spreadsheet Database 

The Spreadsheet Database is divided into two sections;

Section one (1) - Basic Statistics - This section provides basic statistical information. Whenever a filter is applied to the report data, the statistical information is automatically recalculated for the results. 

Section two (2) - Consolidated Report Information - This section contains fifteen (15) columns of reported contract data. Filters may be applied to any column in this report

Conditions of Use, Caveats and Disclaimers

The information which is submitted by Procuring Public Bodies in their QCA Reports has been certified as accurate by the relevant Public Bodies. It is a criminal offence under the Contractor General Act for any person to willfully make a false statement to mislead a Contractor General. Notwithstanding, the Integrity Commission does not and will not hold itself responsible for any false, inaccurate or otherwise misleading information which may be contained or represented in a QCA Report. 

Persons who use this website and the Spreadsheet Database, inclusive of Procuring Public Bodies, should note that the Integrity Commission has delayed the uploading of the QCA Reports of several Public Bodies pending their satisfactory completion and submission of their QCA Reports in both the required Excel electronic and hard copy formats. Consequently, the absence of a QCA Report or QCA Report information from this website or from the Spreadsheet Database in respect of any Procuring Public Body, or the absence of the name of a Procuring Public Body from this website or from the Spreadsheet Database, will not necessarily mean that the relevant Public Body has failed to submit a required QCA Report to the Integrity Commission. 

The Integrity Commission will continuously update this website and Spreadsheet Database with the QCA Report information of Procuring Public Bodies. The website and Spreadsheet Database will be updated as soon as the requisite information is reported to the Integrity Commission and is verified as being acceptable for uploading to the website and the Spreadsheet Database.

Should you have any questions about any Procuring Public Body whose name appears or does not appear on this website or Spreadsheet Database, or about any QCA Report or related information of a Procuring Public Body, please do not hesitate to contact the Integrity Commission in the care of any of its Senior Inspectors at 876-929-6460.