Anti-Corruption and Good Governance

Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Sensitization Training Materials

The Integrity Commission has completed the delivery of a specially designed series of 12 Anti-Corruption, Good Governance and Integrity Sensitization Training Workshops for Jamaica’s Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers.

The idea of anti-corruption sensitization training for Jamaica's Cabinet Members was raised when the Commission’s Executive Director, Greg Christie, paid a courtesy call on the Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness. The Executive Director readily gave his commitment that the Commission would develop the relevant materials and deliver the training.

The Ministerial Workshops, believed to be the first of their kind in the Caribbean region, were conducted in ten (10) 2-hour sessions, that were held during the country’s weekly Cabinet Meetings. The Workshops commenced on November 9, 2020, and were completed on February 15, 2021.

The Workshop Modules were designed to cover a wide range of anti-corruption, integrity and good governance subject areas, and to impart critical information about the Commission’s statutory mandates, powers and enforcement functions, as well as Jamaica’s corruption laws and offences.

Importantly, Cabinet Members were also counseled on what they should and should not do to avoid criminal culpability, or public opprobrium and criticism, in their administration and conduct of Jamaica’s public affairs.

The Workshop presentations were made by the Commission's Executive Director, its Director of Information and Complaints, Craig Beresford; its Director of Investigation, Kevon Stephenson; its Director of Corruption Prosecution, Keisha Prince; its Legacy Senior Director, Maurice Barrett; and its Legal Counsel, Gillian Pottinger.

All of the Workshop Presentations can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Jamaica Public and Private Sector officials, students and the ordinary Jamaican Citizen, are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the very useful information that is contained in the Presentations.