Establishment of the Commission

The Integrity Commission is a Commission of Parliament, which is governed under the Integrity Commission Act, 2017 (ICA). The ICA effectively merged the operations of the following entities:

  1. the former Office of the Contractor General, which had the primary responsibility of ensuring that Government procurement procedures and the issuance of Government licences and permits were free of impropriety and irregularity;

  2. the former Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, to which Public Officials were required to file their income, asset and liability statements annually; and

  3. the former Integrity Commission (Parliamentary), to which Parliamentarians were required to file their income, asset and liability statements annually. '


  1. To further encourage and promote propriety and integrity among persons exercising public functions in Jamaica;

  2. To promote and strengthen measures for the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of acts of corruption;

  3. To ensure that government contracts are awarded, varied, renewed or terminated impartially, on merit and in a financially prudent manner; and

  4. To enhance public confidence that acts of corruption and impropriety committed by persons exercising public functions will be appropriately investigated and dealt with, in a manner which achieves transparency, accountability and fairness.

The Commission, in carrying out its functions under the Integrity Commission Act, is committed to acting independently, impartially and fairly, in the interest of the public, which it serves.